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The Offing - Fractured Fragments

The fragment – that white-spaced text – has been in vogue of late. From music critic Ted Gioia’s claim that “novels are falling to pieces” to Maggie Nelson revolutionizing the form with her prose-poem Bluets, and even to popular novels such as Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, the fully evolved narrative seems to be giving way in favor of the defragmented and the disintegrated. 

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Essay: On Kishōtenketsu

1. It has always concerned me that the primary force of Western narrative has been driven by a need to overcome conflict. As I have been moving towards a more circular, Eastern existence, it has become clearer to me that the typical journey of a Western hero is no longer the kind of narrative that can sustain a conscious, awakened life: the oppressed man or woman overcoming great obstacles to achieve timeless, everlasting success.

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