ABC Radio

So it's another two months until the piece actually goes up but I thought I would post on it (mainly so I don't forget!). For my first gig out of drama school I was lucky enough to work with ABC Radio in January on a satirical little piece called Heartland by Sydney writer Tim Bosanquet. The play is about a Labor MP and his press secretary and their bung ups, and the cast includes Stephen Phillips (Winners and Losers) and Glenda Linscott (Prisoner), both remarkable actors, and my fellow VCA classmate Claudia Tory (also a remarkable actress!). Look out for it on the ABC Radio National Airplay website on June 24th - it should be a cracker! ;)

Also just reminding you again about Talon Salon, a site specific radio piece at a nail salon which is part of Next Wave Festival. The installation consists of four stories based on the workers of a Vietnamese nail salon, and you can listen to these stories while you get your nails done by said workers! This cast also includes fellow VCA alumni Kane Felsinger, Elizabeth Nabben, Tom Dent and Jing-Xuan Chan. The show runs from 20-25th and 27th May at Paradise Nails in Richmond and you can book your tickets via the Next Wave website here. Don't forget to request 'Travellers' if you want to listen to my kick-arse Cambodian/general Asian accent a sweet cross-racial love story!