Little, done, deaths

I was very excited to put together the final touches on the short opera my composer Paul Castles and I wrote for the New Opera Ventures Australia (NOVA) program at the Victorian Opera/Chambermade Opera last year. We've been working on a second draft and it's been looking pretty spick. I'm printing off (pages and pages) of the score at the moment and will hopefully get it in to head office some time tomorrow:

Last minute touch-ups...yes, I am working on my couch (!)

The workshop is on in September and I'm very excited about hearing it all come together. I've never written a libretto for an opera before so it's going to be a huge learning curve for me - and I'm very much looking forward to the challenge. In the meantime though, there's dreaming up a new opera/musical and working on how to improve the current script further.

And of course, if you're around in September, please come and have a listen...