NOVA Workshop - Day 3

So unfortunately I missed Day 2 as I had an audition, but day 3 certainly made up for my absence! Today we had two rehearsal sessions, both led by the indomitable Richard Gill. For the first time the entire ensemble (guitar, violins 1 and 2, viola, cello and piano) performed with the singers (sop, mezzo sop, colotura, baritone) and the results were definitely illuminating! After some teething problems like sorting the instuments in the most effective order and rearranging the singers we finally got down to smoothing out the music and bringing out the best in the orchestration. Some photos of the sesh below:


Richard Gill conducting the ensemble

Our 'Jane' singing her aria

The cast singing together at the climax

We've been blessed with a spectacular cast and ensemble so we're very much looking forward to their final performance in a couple of days. More news to come soon!