Playwriting Australia Footscray Salon

So this week I returned to the acting crew in Melbourne as part of a reading with the Playwriting Australia Footscray Salon at the Footscray Arts Centre. After an intensive workshop with playwright Jane Montgomery-Smith, four playwrights-in-training had their work mentored by established Australian playwrights, the results of which were performed in a reading on Thursday night by myself, Leighton Young and fellow VCA mates Kane Felsinger and Naomi Rukavina. The workshop was run by Melbourne Theatre Company literary manager and former Playwriting Australia head Chris Mead, and was much funsies. In and amongst all the graveyard peeing and Spanish and pretend vodka drinking there was some awesome work by the up and coming playwrights. Many thanks to Playwriting Australia for including me and providing copious amounts of cream logs to eat during a starved rehearsal!

There was also a chicken. We loved the chicken. We are looking forward to the return and the execution of said chicken.

Find out more about the salon and the writers here.

The team! Back row L-R: Simon Miles, Melissa Reeves, Naomi Rukavina, Leighton Young, Tania Canas, Grace Pundyk, Chris Mead, Tom Holloway, Tim Roseman, Dominic Golding. Front row L-R: Teik-Kim Pok, Van Badham, me, Kane Felsinger