The Creative Conversation #2 - Hannie Rayson


Photo of Hannie Rayson by David Connelly

So this month's guest was the lovely and wonderful Hannie Rayson who didn't mind my sniffling throughout the entire interview. Hannie Rayson is a playwright and writer of Hotel Sorrento, The Swimming Club, Life After George, The Glass Soldier and the upcoming Extinction with the Manhattan Theater Club. Her play Hotel Sorrento was turned into an award winning film, and her other awards include Sidney Myer Performing Arts awards, the NSW and Victorian premier's awards and several Helpmann awards.

During the interview we talked about the joys of travel, how playwrights make money, lying on the floor for inspiration and imaginary friends inside her word processor. One of my favourite quotes from Hannie is about writing and adventurous spirit:

"In my twenties a great friend of mine had a business card that said ‘Wendy Harmer: Adventuress’. And I thought: I really want that business card! And I think part of being a writer, you know, if you’re a writer who’s committed to this, is to have that as your business card. Because it does give you a licence to be an ‘adventuress’."

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