The Creative Conversation #5 - Nick Earls

This month's Creative Conversation guest was the very funny, very awesome novelist Nick Earls. Nick is the author of the novels The Fix, Welcome to Normal, Zigzag Street, 48 Shades of Brown, Monica Bloom, Perfect Skin, World of Chickens and the new childrens series Word Hunters. The latest Word Hunters book, War of the Word Hunters, came out on 26th June.

During the conversation we hid behind the bookcase in the writers' green room at the Sydney Writers Festival and chatted about Nick possibly going to childcare with Eddie Izzard, working as a storytelling armchair (and diagnosing a heart failure in the process) and using paper clips to hold together his story ideas. Nick is a very funny and entertaining talker and happily went along with my attempt to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater.' He's a very experienced and generous writer and some of his advice was invaluable, especially his advice on the business:

There’s two things to look at [when becoming a writer]. One is: connect with the industry. Work out who’s who and what’s what, join writers centres and things like that, get a sense of how the industry works. The other is do the writing. A lot of that starts with reading. Working out what kind of writer you’re going to be and working out how to do things. So I think: do the industry part, do the writing part, and if you’re doing the writing part right, the industry part will give you a sense of where the opportunities might be. 

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