SBS Insight

Recently I was lucky to be involved in an episode of SBS Insight focussing on high achievers and their definitions of success and failure. Although I was scheduled to appear in the room, circumstances meant that I had to phone in from New York last weekend, which involved some fun late night studio hopping. The episode featured young athletes and their parents, young academics and their parents, and Olympic swimmer Leisel Jones, who won three gold medals in her prime. 

There was a great discussion about the definition of success, and the effect of external and internal pressure. I definitely empathised with Leisel's description of holding herself up to incredibly high standards, even when it was unnecessary, and the feeling of always being lazy. In contrast to myself, Wenee Yap talks about enjoying being pushed and the success she's had from there.

The episode, entitled Pushing for Success, goes live on SBS ONE at 8.30pm Tuesday 25th March, EST, and will available on SBS On Demand after the episode has screened.

Below is a short trailer from the upcoming episode: