The Creative Conversation #6 - Jennifer Byrne


In this episode, I interviewed journalist, broadcaster and book show host Jennifer Byrne. Jennifer is a prominent Australian journalist who has reported for eminent establishments such as The Age and The Bulletin, as well as the television shows Sunday, 60 Minutes and Foreign Correspondent. She is currently the host of The Book Club on ABC as well as its spin-off program Jennifer Byrne Presents.

Jennifer was a great guest, and one of my favourite quotes from the interview is below:

If a challenge comes, the more nervous you feel, the more seriously you should take it. Because it means you’re going to learn something. You’re not promising to go in at the very top. But it’s really important to say yes to the random things, the incidental things, cos out of things will come people who open the pathway to you.   

A 'best of' transcript is available here.

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